Welcome to Chateau Bornais!

Here at the "Chateau", we handpaint beautiful safety eyes! We have over 30 different colours and many different sizes. Enjoy your stay, browse through our wide variety, and have fun selecting the perfect eyes for your project!

  • Hi there! My name is Rebekah and I am the artisan behind Chateau Bornais.

    Here at the “Chateau” we love all things crochet! We began with crocheted items, but we have expanded to also offer product labels, patterns, and safety eyes.

    Many of the products we offer were born out of our own necessity. As a Canadian crafter, finding quality supplies with good selection at reasonable prices was challenging. So, I began making my own. When we realized that other crafters had the same issues, we began to offer our products to them.

    Our safety eyes are hand-painted at the “Chateau” in several different colours and sizes. For 6mm to 18mm safety eyes, we offer free shipping in Canada!

    Our product labels are designed with craft show vendors in mind. Easy to download and print! Present your items professionally!

    Chateau Bornais donates items to schools, hospitals, fundraisers and community events. Thank-you for supporting us!!

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